Crop Top Zara / Faux Leather Overalls Nastygal / Bag 3.1 Phillip Lim "Pashli" / Shoes Dolce & Gabbana

I had been eyeing these overalls for a good month but for some reason i don't agree with spending anything over $100 at Nastygal. Thankfully the fashion Gods answered my prayers and put them on sale on black friday! I knew it was meant to be. Anywho, It was such a cold windy day today, but it was still sunny so I decided to go out. My back up boyfriend and I (aka bff) decided to go out and have brunch in Georgetown before his class. My dumb ass forgot to bring a pair of flats so my heels were literally getting stuck in between every crack of the uneven stone lol. Nonetheless, I still had fun!



 Coat Zara / Suede 2 piece Dashdorj.comShoes BCBG

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the designer behind this lovely 2piece set, Cindy Dashdorj. Let me tell yall about Cindy. This woman is the true definition of an entrepreneur. Its literally the most refreshing thing when you meet people with actual goals. Just sitting there talking to her, i felt like a first grader listing to their teacher read their favorite book lol. Truly an inspirational woman, and shes talented too! I can honestly say her clothing is of quality and that's not so common now a days at a price point as good as hers. The suede she used for this outfit had such a luxurious feel. You'd think Jesus himself personally put his hand on that fabric to get it that smooth. LOL. Right now shes cooking up a line that will knock the louboutins off your feet. She will be transitioning into more edgy fashion forward looks and i get to do something like a beta test on them, i'm beyond excited! Expect to see more of her clothing in the near future!! :)

Photo credit : @cdotdope